Cucumber Kiwi Gin & Tonic with Kool Kiwi

– 30 gr cucumber
– 30 gr kiwi
– 50 ml water
– 20 ml StirUp Kool Kiwi Syrup
– 40 ml gin
– 10 ml lime juice
– Ice cubes
– 100 ml tonic water
– cucumber slices
– kiwi slices
– thyme leaves

1. Put cucumber and kiwi into the blender. Pour some water, blend.
2. Pour cucumber kiwi juice into the jug through a strainer. Pour StirUp Kool Kiwi Syrup. Pour gin and lime juice. Stir.
3. Put ice cubes into the glass. Pour cucumber kiwi mixture halfway. Pour tonic water.
4. Garnish with cucumber and kiwi.

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